One of the things that I like the most about the Leica M9 is the crispness and incredible detail of the files. This is due to two things 1. those fabulous little Leica lenses and 2. the lack of an AA-Filter (Anti-Aliasing Filter) in the M9. Something which the big medium format digital backs like Phase One, Hasselblad, Leica S2 etc also lack. The main purpose of theĀ  Anti-Aliasing Filter or also called the Blur Filter (which is exactly what it does to our precious images) is to prevent Moire. Anti-aliasing filters are low-pass filters that prevent spatial frequencies higher than the Nyquist frequency from passing through. They reduce/prevent the appearance of aliasing artifacts in the images. Now while it does do a good job of preventing Moire it also at the same time does a great job of robbing our files of precious detail and resolution. Something was so evident once I first started shooting with the Leica M9 as compared to the Nikon D3X. Which really produces incredible resolution. Well, at least until you see the difference in your files when no AA-Filter is present. So I’m getting ready to have the AA-filter removed from any new DSLR’s I shoot with. LDP in California provides this service and I highly recommend you check this out. See for yourself the difference. Of course having the AA-Filter removed will void your camera’s manufacturers warranty but I am more than happy with this trade of. Oh and by the way you can quite easily fix Moire in post production. You can see samples of the difference removing the AA-Filter will make HERE. I will be posting my own samples in the near future. The sample below is from LDP website. Can you imagine how glorious the D3X will be without that silly filter!


Mike Scib - Thats a crazy looking roller coaster

Daniel McClain - Wow. That makes a huge difference in the photo. That is amazing.

Thomas Lester - Great info, but scary. Do you have a finely stripped shirt you could shoot to show the difference? I’d love to see what happens with a Moire prone subject.

admin - yo mark, I think rather bust out the old visa and let the guys at LDP do it brother!ha.

Mark Quade - I’m gonna bust out the razor blade and DIY mine ;P . Thanks Otto!

Marianne Wilson - Great info Otto!

Kip Beelman - Woah. I had NO idea. Thanks Otto.

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