phase one iq180 digital back

Visited with the gentleman from Phase One this afternoon at my local coffee shop and had the chance to play around briefly with their new 645DF camera and IQ 180 digital back. And as to be expected as I sit at home now looking at the files I am just blown away! Yes at 80 megapixels this is to be expected but it’s much more than just that. The build quality and feel of the 645DF system in hand. The view through the viewfinder. That distinctive medium format look. The sound of the shutter. And of course those absolutely superb Schneider Lenses. Houston we have a problem! And by a problem I mean I now seriously want one of these. A huge thanks to Murray Elliot and Brian Muntz from Phase One for taking the time this afternoon to meet with me. I’ll get to test this system much more thoroughly at my Seattle wedding in August but in the meanwhile here’s just one quick frame from this afternoon at the coffee shop. I wish you could this file at 100% on my monitor! Superb!

usinexpress - Great camera effects!Quality makes it impressive!

Cheek to Chic - Really incredible frames! This story is amazing!

Anton Chia - Why not post a crop at 100% :)

admin - the quality is just wonderful chris!

Chris Enzaldo - The detail of those pixels must be insane. Great photo.

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