the leica noctilux f1

Just wanted to share a few from Justin&Leah’s Denver Wedding a few weeks back shot with the Leica Noctilux 50mm f1 lens on the M9. This lens truly has a unique way of drawing. Unlike any other lens I have ever shot with. The way it renders light is truly unique. Astounding! Truly a artists lens.

Markus Jalmerot - Lovely images. I look forward shooting weddings with the Noctilux as well.

AC - I love my noctilux. It allows me to be able to shoot even in the darkest of night. I’ll never shoot a wedding without it.

Rachel Havel - AWESOME flare!

adam houseman - Beautiful frames dude. You got that thing flaring now!

wedding photography florence - The last picture are so original! Love the light!

hugo de la morena - Stunning work Otto ¡¡

AdonyeJaja - wonderful imagery!

R. J. Kern - Gorgeous!

Erin Lassahn - Holy WHOA!!!!!! Never seen anything like these two shots. Just love your unique perspective!

Jason+Gina - Brilliant. Literally.

Hardy - Beautiful photos… again.

Josh - WHOA 3D!!!!

Kat Braman - I don’t even think there are words to adequately describe just how incredible these are. you + this lens = EPIC

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