We’ve been looking forward to this wedding since the day Alissa contacted me to photograph her and Alan’s destination wedding in China. Even more so when she had mentioned that it would be at The Great Wall of China! The original plan was to have the actual wedding ceremony on The Great Wall but in the end this was just not doable. But hey, we’ll take a wedding within walking distance of THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA any day. Unbelievable! And not only was the location spectacular so were the bride&groom, and both their families. Truly just beautiful people and they made me and AD feel so welcome. Something which we so appreciated. The wedding location was at two truly stunning locations – The Brickyard and The Schoolhouse in Mutianyu Great Wall. Both these locations did a tremendous job at hosting this celebration. Highly recommended! And then of course I have to give credit to the amazing Miyoshi Nakahara and her team for designing such a spectacular event, and MeiLi Autumn for making a already stunning bride look even more spectacular with the makeup&styling.  Just a tremendous job on all fronts. And of course Alan&Alissa for the absolute privilige of allowing me and AD the opportunity to photograph their wedding day. Thank you so much guys. We truly are forever grateful! A huge thanks also to Brian Muntz and Murray Elliot at Phase One for the use of their absolutely incredible Phase One 645 DF  digital medium format system. I shot the 645DF system with the IQ180 digital back for most of this wedding and was truly just blown away by the image quality. Thank you again gents. More about that in a future post…And then lastly, as always, a HUGE thanks to my brother, friend, and photographer extraordinaire Adonye Jaja for traveling to China with me. He was absolutely amazing as usual. Both as a friend and a artist. So here’s a little sneak peek from Alan&Alissa’s China destination wedding this past weekend. Hope you like what you see Alan&Alissa. PUBLISHED IN DESTINATION I DO MAGAZINE.


Susana Paz, A Coruña - You really know the mistery of China. Great pictures of this wedding. Congrats.

Mathew - Incredible work! I LOVE the night shots!

Thank you for posting!

Sophie Cullen - I hope this email finds you well.

I am interested to talk to you regarding the China Destination Wedding – the great wall of china.

I am writing a feature on getting married on the Great Wall of China and would love to know how you go about getting married on the wall?

Kind Regards,

Pavel Kounine - Hi Otto. I usually love your photos, but this series left much to be desired and I suspect your choice of camera is the culprit. I’m not certain why you felt that 80 megapixels was necessary for the event, especially considering that for most of the images featuring people, your depth of focus was extremely shallow. I also suspect that you didn’t include as many scenes from later in the evening because MF cameras are notoriously bad sports at low-light photography, even with their 25% pixel-binning features activated. These cameras are too heavy and bulky. I enjoy your rangefinder work more.

潘伟 - 东西方文化的交融!喜庆祥和,又不失浪漫,摄影的角度,抓拍都很到位,堪称经典!

潘伟 - 这组婚礼纪实拍摄的水平很高!堪称大师之作!

Roberto Gonzalez - I love the photos, the narrow depth-of-field and saturation. Nicely done.

Roberto Gonzalez - I just love the pictures, the narrow depth-of-field, and saturation. Nicely done.

Jason + Gina - Ridiculously brilliant work Otto!

Kat Braman - astounding. visual poetry at it’s best.

Donna Seebo - What a beautiful array of photographs. What a thrill to see a western wedding set in an environment of such beauty. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing the rest.
Wishing much happiness, prosperity and excellent health to the happy couple.
Warmest regards, Donna Seebo

Amber Hughes - Seriously amazetastic wedding Otto – so many works of art in this post. I love the incredible details and scene setting you’ve done – I feel like I could look at this wedding over and over!

James - Mind stopping images! A great set!

Alyssa Schroeder - Umm wow! This coverage is insane. Brilliant.

Erin Lassahn - Wow, just, yeah, wow. That bride has the most beautiful eyes, first of all. Second of all, Who get’s their portrait taken on the Great Wall of CHina, oh right, this couple! Amazing! All your little close ups of the details, the pops of red, the little children, just perfect! Really unique perspectives as always Otto, you know I adore your work!!!!

Amber Wilkie - I really get a sense of place from these images. Outstanding, incredible work as always.

Sachin khona - Amazing Otto! Love the shots and the brides eyes are spectacular! :)

Kyle - Holy. Cow.

Aside from the fact that this wedding is amazing in both concept and execution…you more than did it justice. #43 of the bride alone is UNBELIEVABLE. Love it.

Sam - Wow, just wow, so many awesome photos, kinda hard to just pick a few. The opportunity to shoot in China as well, you deserve it! Congrats to the couple!

Heather Elizabeth - I absolutely adore what you did here. Trying to pick some of my favorites, but all of them blow me away.

Sally Watts - Such wonderful, classic, breathtaking portraits!

Bez - Stunning work here Otto. Love your eye for the moment.

Zoshia - Wow, beautiful work!

Sondra - Stunning pictures and very unique style. Love the detail in the pictures! Awesome job!

luis toledo - That’s crazy stuff Otto! Awesome as usual. The P1 suits your style very well I might add.

Dan O’Day - off the hook my friend. Amazing work as per usual

Sharon Powers - Your pictures are stunning….the whole affair is breathtaking…thank you for sharing this memorable event…
We know Meilei Coon who was the makeup artist; she shares a cabin on the island in SE Alaska where we have our lodge and B&B…she is a joy to us all….thank you

Christy - Wow Otto, I have no words for how beautiful these are and what a pleasure it is to get to see them! Thank you for sharing your work!

Matthys - Excellent work Otto! Some of your best art ever!

Heather Nan - As always, stunning. Love the image overlooking the stairs… wonderful.

Hardy - great otto. Love the colors, everything is so vibrant, absolutely gorgeous work!

liz dasilva - WOW. These images took my breath away. Stunning. Simply stunning.

Jazmine - Absolutely beautiful, Otto. You are so talented!

alissa - @AD- Thanks so much! It was so wonderful to meet you and have you bring a smile to everyone’s face! Otto- You did an amazing job!! I can not wait to see the rest! I love them! But my favorite is the one of the boys walking up to the door to “steal the bride” and of us walking up to the great wall. Thank you both! You are an amazing team!

Josh - Otto, it is evident that the phase one system is amazing. These frames all have a wonderful quality to them that is blowing my mind right now. Your vision, with that tool helped you make some beautiful frames from this wedding. I can’t wait to see more from you and the super talented AD! Much love bro!

travis - you go otto! great job. may you continue to be blessed!

Elizabeth - The night image with the leaf on the water literally took my breath away. so beautiful

Julian Moniz - Hey Otto,

Seriously dude. Out of this world. Excellent job. I love it.

ian johnson - great wedding photos Otto … it has everything great story , great ports , great details and a great photographer

Julianna - Beautiful – love the Chinese theme :)

maike // welovepictures - wow brother, these are absolutely mind-blowingly utterly and completely beautiful! x

Linus Moran - Beautiful work, Just inspiring !

Sophie Delaveau - Beautiful wedding and amazing work and photos !

Aimee Monihan - Otto- You are a true genius, these photos are stunning. Congrats my friend on another wedding captured to perfection.

fer juaristi - Wow! dude, you are on fire!

Jeanette - So bright and beautiful, awesome!

AdonyeJaja - Congrats Alyssa and Alan!!

AdonyeJaja - Awesome vision Otto , and thanks for the kind words it is always a blessing to work next to a true artist in their craft!!! Well done sir!

Elaine Allison - Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of capturing the moment and your lovely smile with us.

Andreas - Beautiful work Otto! Inspirational as always.

Michael Wachniak - Not even the great wall can stop you, Otto. Un freaking believable.

Amanda Forbes - Otto!! AMAZING!!! Seriously amazing!

Natan - Hi, Mr. Shulze, your work always great, delicate and very inspirational. Thanks to show to us, :) !

Eileen - Your work work blows me away every time! Just awesome, thank you.

Nick - Simply incredible, Otto. The colours are just sucking me in.

You are a champion!

Drew W - Dude, I am blown away by your vision and the absolutely breathtaking wedding you’ve captured here. Nicely done sir!

nadine - I always enjoy looking at your photos, otto. they make the artist part of my soul sing.

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