south africa destination wedding

my mate got married this weekend in a field in south Africa! my brother! and let me tell you he married one STUNNING BRIDE! it was spectacular. it had it all…fabulous people, Jesus, details, beer, popcorn, proteas, lights, chops, great music, african sunsets, great food, family, joy, love, anticipation….you name it, it was in full attendance. I’m not good with words ( which is why i choose to explain life through the lens ) but my wife is and I’m just going to now quote from the note she wrote travis&maike before the wedding as this most clearly expresses our thoughts and feeling towards these friends of ours. oh and these images go beautifully with some Kings of Convenience playing in the background…seriously, go to PANDORA and just search them, click play, and once the music has started enjoy the images…
“HAPPY HAPPY you two lovies!  oh boo.  i SO wish we could be there to sob with you all (especially that hubby of mine, he’s gonna be a mess, poor thing!)  wow.  it’s gonna be the most beautiful wedding EVER i think.  truly.  i wish i could glow over every little detail of every little thing that makes up this glorious vision of today, the embodiment of the creativity, spark, inspiration, beauty, and the love of you two…most eminently…which is altogether now a most radient extension of HIM!  you are HIS!  just HIS!  and it’s ALL TO KNOW HIM, period.  and now you enter together in a most sacred idea of His..becoming one.  it’s love some days and it’s definietly war some days!  but it’s above and beyond and the best part and absolutely the most essential part is, it’s Him!  this is his union and he will nurture it, perfectly.  enjoy abudantly this celebration today, drink your fill!  and know that we are thrilled for you, proud of you, and praising father with you!   he did good, he did so good…”

Stacy Squires Photography Christchurch - you certainly captured this wedding beautifully … great photos

Nas - Beautiful photographs! Simple yet elegant location.

Gauteng Wedding Photographer - Incredible photo’s…South Africa is an incredible country for a wedding, great weather and beautiful locations as perfectly captured in your images!

Maggie - If only I could afford to have you at our wedding in Poland, in August…. eh…

Du Wayne Denton - Wow, Otto. Really, really beautiful work!!! You’ve inspired me today!

DJ “Music Placement” Ward - Can you please do my wedding! I usually hate looking at wedding pictures, because they’re just so boring and every picture looks the same. I thought you really caption the full depths of this wedding and make it into a story actually. Well done!

Vancouver Wedding Photographer - I love these effects!

Keith McAvoy - Love these, looks like so much fun!

Holly - This wedding is so pretty and the couple is adorable! Did I mention that the photos are INCREDIBLE?! Very nice work!

Ilze Jooste - Most amazing photos I’ve ever seen!!!!! Feels like I know them just by looking at the photos! Well done cous!!!!

Susann - i love this couple! and all the details. so beautifull. great work man.

Kirsten - welovepictures–that DOES please me! You obviously have amazing taste :)

sam hurd - seriously, all your work is amazing.

welovepictures - Kirsten it may please you to know that we played badminton to smooth sounds of the Big Band Era, opened the dance-floor to both Iron and Wine & Talking Heads and danced the night away to The Smiths, Roxy Music,Beirut, The Decemberist’s and more Big Band Awesomeness!

welovepictures - Chantal is right about it all. Thanks for sharing what you enjoyed about the feast of family and joy. It’s special for Maike and i to read.

At the wedding at Cana Jesus kicked that party off by turning hundreds of liters of water into hundreds of liters of wine. At our wedding in South Africa the MC kicked that party off by announcing “open bar”. haha awesomeness


Chantel - O… man I digressed, I wanted to tell Otto his pictures are The Bomb! But they brought back such beautiful memories, what with the suggestion of music and all, that I went completely off topic

Chantel - If you’ve ever imagined what the wedding, that Jesus attended, was like, being at this wedding would’ve given you a very good idea.
Everything about it was just awesome. Somewhat, like what I imagine communion, would’ve been like back in the day. Friends and family all sat across one another at, beautifully decorated, long tables. Laughing, chatting and catching up events in each other’s lives; whilst sharing over-flowing wine, and breaking bread and generally having a good loving time.
You could tell that every one of the friends, of both the Bride and Groom, absolutely love them to bits and that they had painstakingly contributed to make their special day electric. From the Origami hearts and birds, each lovingly made, and fairy lights all hanging in the trees. To the food so deliciously prepared.
I’m thinking really hard to figure out what was my favourite thing about the wedding, but every time I narrow down one, I think of something else. Was it the children’s area, with fairy wings and dress-up dresses hanging in the trees, or was it the flowers in bird cages that adorned the open air chapel, or maybe the typewriters set out for your good wishes to be typed out, which by the way has no undo to click on, and hard return (Enter key) is really a hard return; maybe it was the cupboard that had jars and drawers filled with sweets; or maybe it was the fruit punch we drank out of preserve fruit bottles with paper candy stripe straws, or the pineapple and strawberry hearts? Man I just can’t choose. But I’m really sorry if you weren’t there cause you missed The Best Wedding Eva…!

ben - we love this. <3 the Cana Family

matthew morgan - woh! you’re really good. this is some inspiring stuff here. thanks!

Kirsten - Brilliant! I was already listening to my Indie station on Pandora and Ragged Wood by the Fleet Foxes came on and it was perfect…then I listened to a Kings of Convenience song for the last half of this post and loved it. Especially since that’s my favorite genre of music and this is an Indie wedding if I’ve ever seen one! You did an incredible job. I’m blessed to know you.

Matthys - WOW!!!This is amazing!!!You are the best photographer in the world!!!

eirik - simply amazing. loved the colours. looked like a super-fun wedding to be at. keep it up, great job!

Csanad - all right. this is ridiculously AWESOME. Not that its a big deal, but you’ve just became one of the top 3 photographers I am following

nadine - Wow. Your work is beautiful.

Christan Parreira - Dude…..I freakin’ love your style!

admin - thanks so much Tracy!!!

Tracy Wallace - You show and tell the best stories. Amazing work :)

Krystal Radlinski - How wonderfully charming!

Kate - Otto, I have no words great enough to match your pictures. They are simply beautiful brother. What a gift the Father has given you. You see things in such a unique way :)

shipra - i don’t know this couple but I love them. What a fabulous wedding! Your photography coverage here is exceptional!

Jakob - Love the retro feel! Awesome stuff!

Kelly Karli - Otto,
Once again you capture the moments that are so amazing! You truly know how to tell a story…!


Adonye - Seriously Big OT, They just keep getting better.

Fer juaristi - Magical shots bro, love the feeling.

Leo Druker - Amazing! No other way to say it – beautiful all around.

Gabs - what a magical wedding!every moment was so special-im so happy to have been there, very beautiful photos :)

welovepictures - weloveotto



Thank you friends, thank you family for kind words, great pictures of yay-ness and all your LOVE!

all OUR love

(wait for it)

…the Mc Neill’s

Julie Branyan - You did a beautiful job capturing all the emotions of the day. This couple is so in love it gives me chills. I especially love the photo of them hugging when she gets to the end of the isle.

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - What a beautiful set of photos. I love the black and white photo of the couple during the ceremony. That heart hanging in the background adds a nice touch!

Nathan Gilmer - What an awesome wedding! I love all the stuff set up under the trees. So pretty!

Kelly Lee - What a joy looking through these! Loved the shot of them coming back down the aisle together. Brilliant job!

Adonye - Otto, these are amazing man, I wish I could have been there.

fer juaristi - beauty on every frame!

Kim - What a gorgeous wedding and stunning couple! I wish you all the happiness in the world! xx Otto this images are incredible – i LOVE the blossom one with Maike and Travis blurred in the background. - What a wickeeeeed cool wedding! thanks again Trav & Maike for such a keef time and Otto your images really captured the essence of the day, Superb!

Jeanette - I know I already left a comment but these pictures deserve 2 comments from me! Love them!

Robb Duncan - Awesome images, Love the last one in particular !!

Kirsten - This is one of the best series of images you have posted. I love each one! And I loved reading the interview you posted on FB a couple days ago–it sounds just like the kind and humble Otto I met with. :)

Jared Tseng - I’m racking my brain to figure out how you got some of these shots. CRAZY GOOD!

Vida Carson - Freaking outstanding.

Ben Tomlin - One word – beautiful!!

Razvan - wow, this is awesome! great set

gabe aceves - im not sure if ive left this message here before or if i just thought it. you are ridiculous good. sooo gorgeous in every way. love it.

Zack - The colors. Dear God, the colors.

Becca Dilley - I love love love that image of them with the tree blossoms. Beautiful work.

adam houseman - Awesome. Simply awesome. Nice work buddy.

tobiah tayo - Beautiful wedding photography and processing! I love all of them

Jeanette - Wow, I loooove this wedding and how you photographed it. Fresh and beautiful!

Mark - Your work is simply outstanding. Bravo!!

pierre - Otto. you rock. thanks for capturing the awesome day.


Lisa - Hazy, romantic light and atmosphere — you captured it. I love the top pic, but also the next-to-last photo with them dancing is awesome.

heather - Stunning emotion… the last image is surely my favorite.

David - Otto, bro you tore this one up!! These are freaking incredible!! Found you through Eric, and he has nothing but praises to say about ya. Glad I found ya, your work is stinking incredible!! That and we Nikon bros gotta stick together, in this industry it’s all Canon ;)
Hope you have a great weekend!! God Bless

geneoh - sooo, this is awesome.

lindsay schulze - babe, these are UNREAL! LOVE THEM ALL! my new favourites…muah.

Jacques Kleynhans - Amazing! What a beautiful wedding it was… More more more, want to see more! And congrats again Travis and Maike!

welovepictures - weloveotto! It was our African Spring wedding but you might say we built a playground, dressed and lit like a dream, for Otto to do what he does best. It was a Feast for food and great pictures. What a blessing to have our dear friend hiding in the bushes creating beautiful images for us. :)

Watch out for more, you might even see Otto don a Bow-Tie. :)


honeymoon here we come!

Josh Tilton - IMO, you’re the best wedding photographer out there and you should double your rates. Crazy beautiful art you’ve created here!

Poser - You’re killing me. So money.
What a fantastic couple too :)


Christy Cropper Photograpy - Beautiful! You’ve done such an amazing job capturing the day’s emotion. I want to be friends with these people now :) Especially love the 2nd photo! Bliss! Thanks for sharing, Otto!

Andreas Holm - Fantastic series of images! Authentic moments, beautiful colors!
Keep up the good work!

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