HEADING BACK TO AMAZING COSTA RICA IN A FEW WEEKS SO I FIGURED  RE-POSTING THIS LOS SUENOS WEDDING FROM A FEW YEARS BACK WOULD BE APPROPRIATE. So here it is. The biggest blog post I’ve ever done. The result of collaboration between me and Erik Clausen – POSER IMAGE . Over the past year or two we’ve had several opportunities to shoot together and everything single time it’s been incredible. We’re simply better together. There’s no question about that. And this was certainly true for Jeff&Danielle’s Costa Rica wedding a few weeks back at the incredible Marriott Resort in Los Suenos. I also really want to give a huge shout out to Karen&Aimee at Tropical Occasions. The event designers responsible for putting this incredible wedding together. I worked with Aimee for the first time last year at a wedding she designed in Boulder. And I immediately decided that I wanted to work with her again. Not only is she a incredible wedding planner and creative, but she’s also just a wonderful person to work with. They truly understand how to make all the elements that’s involved in a wedding day come together.  And so I owe Aimee this one. Thank you Aimee! Karen though was the one responsible for this Costa Rica wedding and I cannot give her and her team a higher recommendation. They were simply incredible. If you’re a planning bride then please look no further! I’ve worked with planners all over the world and I can honestly say that these ladies are my number one choice! If me and my wife could do our wedding again Tropical Occasions would be our choice without a doubt! And so would Costa Rica!Incredible! And of course to Jeff&Danielle, congratulations again you guys! Thank you again for the absolute privilege of photographing your wedding. A spectacular celebration it truly was!PUBLISHED ON JUNEBUG WEDDINGS.

Nas - Beautiful style!

Rildo amorim - sou brasileiro fotografo aprendiz gostei muito de suas fotos parabems,quando creser quero ser como voces. obrigado

Fotografo Bodas Alicante - Good Job, fantastic….. thanks!!

Andy Gaines - Ah Maze Ing. Every one else has pretty much already said it…

So good – thanks for sharing it! Though not sure I feel massively inspired or a bit depressed!!!

jeff marsh - frick. thats all i got.

Joaquin Tocornal - Espectacular cobertura, un trabajo precioso!!

Anika De Souza - Wow! these images are mindblowing! are they all taken with a leica? the bokeh ist just stunning. they are inspiring and i just want to hijack you to teach me and answer all my questions ;-) i love the street style (your streetphotography is amazing, too). I’ll keep watching, observing and learning!

Sebastien Beghin - Magnifique travail
Wonderful work

all photos are taken at leica M? superb.

AdonyeJaja - alright, i just want to put this in my pocket and refer to it during my next wedding. ha ha…..hmmm..

Karla Ferro - Beautiful photograpy!
It looks like an awesome time in Costa Rica =)

Costa Rica Honeymoon - Beautiful pictures, specially the B&W.
It was astonishing to see the crocodiles!

PJ Photos - this is so good!!!

Chris Hinkel - Wow! I love the bride and groom on the beach with the fire works. Amazing!

vencanice - Photos are beautiful. All details and everything is lovely. Nice work.

Quim León - Amazing!! I´ll be a follower of your work. Really fine!!

Kenny - this is one insane blog post of a wedding

Paul Chen - no doubt one of the most awesomes destination weddings i have yet to come across in a very very very long time. you guys totally rocked the house! thank you for being so inspiring. if you ever shoot in Singapore, i would love to assist you and Erik. stay awesome!

Viktor Eske - very nice!!! applause!!!

tomK - wow … just, wow

Annabelle - Your blog is one of my sources of inspiration when I’m feeling the need to be kicked back into full gear. This post in particular is a great motivator! Simply beautiful work, Otto.

PS: Comment 101 FTW!

zUdio - Amazing… I love Erik’s work as well and I have to say your work compliments each other very well. I love everything about these. The way your compose your photos is inspiring and makes all your photos a joy to look at. Even though this couple certainly paid, they essentially won the lottery when it comes to wedding photography – getting both Otto Schulze AND Erik Clausen. MORE!

Natan - The best work I’ve seen in more time, Otto, pure art!!

Daniel Aguilar - This is so incredible dude! Fine art stuff right here!

kat foley - i used to live down the street from los suenos, in playa jaco. so cool to see a wedding there! awesome shots!

Valentín Gámiz - Tu trabajo me parece increíble. He visto pocos reportajes que me hayan gustado tanto y me hayan impresionado de esta manera.

joy marie - not even sure how I stumbled across your blog but just got lost in your images. beautiful work…bravo!

Charles Cambridge - A fantastic portfolio of colour and black and white images, well worth a look through for anyone looking to get into photography

Milos Horvat - just need to write another thing…”The one million dollar question is” how to put this masterpiece into the album with 60 pages?

vencanice - Wow. This is amazing guys. The last photo is just perfect.

Lauren @ ELD - WOW. Fab. U. Lous. :)

Cory Parris - You have an amazing sense for design and composition. Excellent!

cole - I already commented but I don’t care – this is just silly how good it is. I hate you. Both. Kidding…. #inspiring

Nirav - Insanity I say! One of my favorite weddings of all time!!

alex Gentil - fabulous

David Josue - my eyes hurt dudes, you are simply locos
great eye and amazing talent

Tamera - Pretty damn amazing!

Ruth - Unbelievable. I am blown away. You sir are an artist of the highest caliber.

Nikole - These photos are pretty much the greatest example of wedding photography I have ever seen. So awesome.

Nikole - These photos are pretty much the greatest wedding photography I have ever seen. So freaking awesome.

David Josue - my eyes hurt dudes, you´re simply locos, great eye and amazing talent

Luis Godinez - major ftw. beautiful.

John Benavente - pretty crazy boys!

Leah Muse - You two joining absolutely makes sense. These are incredible.

Christian Lee - took me forever to go through this post because I looked at each image so long…stunning and so diverse.

Paul Nguyen - Great photos Otto! I would love to go to Costa Rica one day!

Michael Wachniak - Un-Freaking-Believable. Every single shot could be hung on a wall. This is exactly the kind of inspiration I needed before heading out to shoot a wedding today. Cheers Otto!

Reportajes de boda - What a huge set of impressive photos! Love it!

ariel - insanity…. what an amazing set of posts…so excited about the schulze.poser collab!

imthiaz houseman - there’s no doubt how well you two work together. beautiful work otto and erik.

Amanda Basteen - amazing. You guys killed it!

admin - alissa – and we CANNOT WAIT to shoot it!!!

Rafa Ibañez - Nice work man, love them all!

alissa - These are amazing!! We can’t wait for you to photograph our wedding! :)

Lori Wiltse - this completely blows my mind! i don’t think there are adequate words to describe how perfect everything about this is. so incredible!


Pardis & Payman Farrokhyar - I am speechless!!!! Not only are you two an image of love and absolutely stunning but your photographer did such an amazing and stellar job capturing your beautiful day! I only wish we could have been there!!!! Wishing you both a life of pure joy and everlasting love!!!!!! xoxo. Cheers!

Shanna Leigh - Wow…I’m sitting here trying to come up with SFW words to describe how awesome these photos are and I just can’t think of a single one! WOW, wow, WOW!

welovepictures - haha, half the people viewing this post have just been inspired to become photographers. The other half have decided they need a new career. haha!

clausen & schulze – word!

Milos Horvat - Cant be done better than this. Guys stop raising the bar!!! This is just unreal!

Derren - Wonderful! So many beautiful moment and images!

shanni - unreal. in a good way. in an epic way.

Micah - Incredible storytelling Otto! Really great moments!

admin - so glad you’re happy aimee. we cannot wait for the next one. hopefully soon! you guys are just amazing to work with and I love photographing your creations.

Daniel Davis - RIDICULOUS!! Ya’ll killed it! Keep up the teamwork!

Aimee Monihan - Otto- SO beautiful, I knew you would rock it out in Costa Rica for us, but this far exceeded any expectation we may have had. You are a true artist and such an incredible pleasure to work with. We look forward to many more events with you and hopefully with your new joint venture Clausen-Schulze!

admin - yeah lauren that’s the POSER factor. just superb by erik!

Lauren - HOLY! Freaking awesome guys :) way to stand out from the crowd! The image of the groom getting dressed in front of the window amongst so many others.. AMAZING!

chris prestidge - otto is the best, clearly shows here – mind blowing art!

Joshua Gull - Epic. So many shots in here that make me want to both quit and work my ass off to hopefully get to a fraction of this talent level. Fantastic work Otto and Erik. You guys are insane.

davina + daniel - absolutely gorgeous post! wow!

Lawrence - I gotta say… this is one of your more brilliant work! Kudos!

kitty - GOOD GRIEF!!
You two are a force of nature! I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall to watch you shoot this together.
Sending luck and best wishes to you both as you take your collaboration to the next level.

Katrina - Oh this is so awesome! You guys make a great team!!! :)

Robb Duncan - Seriously good work guys. WOW, I am speechless.

Sachin Khona - Damn..
These guys working in harmony to create just awesome beautifulness…
Its images like this that make me excited to be a photographer ..
The vision in these guys heads is crazy.. and then to get that on camera is even more insane.. Major props fellas..
I can’t even imagine what the couple think of these images.. the photography community just went nuts over it.. lol
THANK YOU for sharing..

Tyler - so good. so, so, good.

Branden Harvey - Absolutely flawless!

Jean-Pierre Uys - Well done! The imaging in shooting and editing flow seem less as one! Julle het lekker bos gegaan met die slow shutter by die onthaal!

reggie - ……….. = Speechless, bravo gents….bravo!

Jean-Pierre Uys - Well done! Sjoe julle het bos gegaan met die slow shutter by reception! the imaging or editing of it flows seem less together.

Jonas Peterson - I’m calling it what it is.

Possibly the best wedding coverage ever.

Well done, boys.

Lana - wow, this is beautiful!

michele bowman - so fabulous!!! i am in awe of how great these are!!

admin - thanks so much all you kind people!

Teresa K - If anyone tries to say that wedding photography is not art, I site this wedding as evidence to the contrary.

sam hurd - ooooooooh!

Amari Kenoly - that’s insane!! so good..

Elissa - This is totally amazing. It feels like I was there.

shipra - Gasp…*Outstanding* It’s like Ben & Jerry all over again.

Laura Burlton - Holy crap! this is fabulous :)

dustin - umm yea…..

Veronica Varos - My head just exploded.

This is the most amazing set of photos I have ever seen! AMAZING work, guys!

Shari DeAngelo - Really good art is always a pleasure to see and this wedding truly makes the case for poignant storytelling done exceptionally well. Otto and Erik, You two made magic happen here.

R. J. Kern - Two Jedi forces unite. The world will never be the same. Fine work, gents!

Kip Beelman - I can barely breathe right now.

ayesha - *speechless*

Adonyejaja - Oh my Goodness!! It is like THANKSGIVING on your blog!!! This is hot Jelly!! or should I say Hot Cranberry sauce!! Spectacular collection fellows!

Jean - Brilliant, vivid, epic. Seriously….WOW.

Salwa - Wow – this is beyond gorgeous! Holy crap!

benj haisch - oh my dad.

this is good, fellas.

Brian Kraft - Excellent work guys!

Eric - Wow, wow, wow!!!! You guys are just going to rock it over and over again. I can’t wait to see what comes of this. These images are stellar!!!

hugo de la morena - Amazing Otto¡¡, so brilliant, you & Erik, what a team¡¡¡

brooke - mind-blowingly beautiful – all of it.

admin - so now i get to comment on my own blog – ERIK, MY BROTHER, YOU KILLED IT!!!

Drew W - These are EPIC. Killer work, Otto.

Anne Ingman - Absolutely beautiful! Love the combination of vibrancy and softness.

Heather Nan - out of control… seriously ridiculous.

Jakob - Awesome, guys. Dreamteam.

adam houseman - Clausen, Schulze, and Houseman has a nice ring to it too. Just sayin. But seriously, awesome work fellas. Nice seeing all around.

fer juaristi - 2 guys one of a kind!

Andreas Holm - this is just….crazy. how did you do this Otto? wow wow wow!

geneoh - awesome, dude.

nadine - oh my… freaking breathtaking!!!

Kat Braman - talk about raising the bar. this is unreal. so many incredible images. the one of them holding hands gave me chills.

Nick Coyne - Momentous!! You guys are setting the bar VERY high for future work!

Jack Clausen - Da bomb, Otto.

cole - Meh, not bad.
(Kidding…. this is mental).

Ryan Price - Unreal… absolutely unreal…

Josh Tilton - Without a doubt, THE best wedding I’ve seen blogged in a very, very long time. EXCELLENT work brothers!

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