It’s a little earlier than usual but I thought seeing as my 2011 wedding season (as far as actual shooting goes) officially came to an end with Faiz&Sarah’s amazing Philadelphia wedding a few weeks back, that now would be a good time to do my annual selection of a few of my favorite wedding images from the year. It has truly been an incredible year and in this collection there is images from literally all over the world. I truly am so blessed to be able to do this for a living! This realisation has been near to me throughout the year. I am so thankful! I am especially thankful to my couples (for trusting me, and allowing me to be me) and the incredibly talented people in the industry I have had the the privilege of working with in 2011. It would be a very long list if I were to list everyone here but seriously to each one of you, thank you so much! I owe so many so much! So here is my collection of some of my favorite wedding images from 2011. My best from the streets in 2011 can be see HEREBEST OF 2010 COLLECTION.[mp_share_center]


Jim & Alice – wedding photographers new york - Such beautiful shots of all the happy couples and their family great job.

Dominik - Your work and your style is so adorable!
Great work!

jessica lorren - You are so very good at what you do. You should be proud. Great Work Otto.

Jean - Ok…I’m ready to hang up my camera now. A jaw-dropping collection of images. Truly inspiring, spectacular, mind-blowing work.

Roberto Farren | MA wedding photographer - wow! I think I’d be hard pressed to find a better set of images! In terms of framing, processing and timing these are some of the best images I have come across recently! Hats off to you! I look forward to 2012’s offerings! Kind regards and a happy new year, Roberto Farren

alexis sweet - OH. MY. GOODNESS.

Preston - Dude, seriously really really great year. As always looking forward to what you produce next year.

Brandis Alves - You should feel very proud, what a great 2011!! Congratulations :)

Josh Gull - Absolutely epic collection of work in every sense of the word, Otto. There is no way to pick a favorite (although the B&W bridal portraits throughout are breathtaking and your eye for documenting moments is second to none).

Michele DeVries - Your work is truly inspiring Otto. Cheers!

Lori Wiltse - I’ve never seen so many breathtaking showstopping images in one post before. These are insanely awesome!!! Your vision is so inspiring!

Ginny Corbett - You….my friend….are a true artist. You inspire me.

brooke - Otto, these are really and truly in a league all their own. I probably sat in front of 2/3’s of them wondering, “how did he do that??” -(13 especially blows my mind)… amazing work :)

Adelle – Peonies & Pearls Wedding Blog - What an incredible year, stunning selection of images. I’d love to feature one of your weddings on my blog! xx

Lara - Dang thats a hell of year. Such wonderful work.

Hochzeitsfotograf Köln - WOW! Your photographs are truly special. Best wishes from Germany, Nancy

j cogliandro - I appreciate you Otto. your work is great mate but your character and heart behind it is what shines brother. cheers to a fab 2011

John Benavente - Out of control! Crazy good.

Josh - I first looked through the collection for 2010 once again. I have to say that you have grown so, so much as an artist and individual over this last year. Your website has changed and so did your images right along with it. This post should have included many, many more frames, but you did a stellar job picking out your favorites.

Heather Elizabeth - You killed it in every way this year. You are effin’ incredible.

Dustin Hall - Wow Otto, you took more great photos in 2011 than I took total! I look forward to seeing what you do in 2012.

Eric Yerke - Inspired Otto. This is an incredible collection

Carles F (BodasCF) - Espectacular selección de fotos!!!! Muy buen trabajo es una inspiración ver tus fotos.

Joel C – Adelaide Wedding Photographer - Awesome selection of images, congratulations.

dan - SO SO SO GOOD.

fer juaristi - crazy good brother.

admin - no need to be sorry alex, you’re opinion is welcome. to each his own man…

Alex - Sorry, but in my eyes the most pictures are horrible faulty… look at this: …here you can finde really good wedding photos.

ryan flynn - fanflippingtastic, otto. i can’t get over the one of the grandparents in the photobooth.

Inga Kretschmer - One word: wow!

scotty - vision, my man, frkn vision.

Jakob - Dude. There are so many amazing shots, I’m not even gonna try to comment on any specific ones. Brilliant.

Nikki Bezel - Otto, you are truly above and beyond great. I love how you push yourself to be so. Wishing you the best for 2012.

Erik - At first I thought I was looking at a highlight reel of our weddings together.
Seriously, no one else sees like you my man. You are brilliant, and that’s just the way it is.

Pepe Faraldo - maravillosas%20e%20impresionantes%20fotografias…%20

Pepe Faraldo - maravillosas e impresionantes fotografias…

Sully - Son of a B those are outstanding!

Kat Braman - consider my mind officially blow. incredibly collection of images. your vision = $$$$

Uriel Coronado - Amazing dude!!!!

Laura - Wow. Thanks for sharing. Your way of bringing attention the beauty of this world is so striking and powerful.

Justin - Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Your skills, vision & execution is on par with some of the best wedding photography I’ve ever seen. Love how broad your influences are – I see art, design, architecture, colour, form, and moments of pure photojournalism. Congratulations on your year of achievements.

Steve Shipman - Stunning photography, looks like you’ve had a good year!

Kelly Lindmeier - I LOVE your photography! I don’t think I could say enough! I’ve recently started my own photography business this year and I believe I’ve captured some great moments but nothing compared to your wonderful photos! Thank you so much for sharing! Your style of photography is very inspirational as cheesy as that may sound:)

dustin prickett - well, I let this sit until I could pour some rum over ice and I must say it was well worth the wait. there is seriously some crazy shit in there dude, unbelievable. cheers! can’t wait to see what 2012 brings for you my friend.

Chris Enzaldo - Epic curiosity. Immaculate skill. Fierce precision. 2012 more so!

Dennis pike - I’m going to need some assistance in getting my jaw off the ground. I appreciate you giving me a single post to continually refer back to for inspiration. Insane!

Sally Watts - Oh, Otto…

Yup-that’s pretty much all I can articulate right now. :)

Narrelle - You’ve almost left me breathless here – such a stunning collection of images. Absolutely stunning. That’s all I can say.

Sachin Khona - Truly cinematic. You have incredible vision Otto. Blessed to have you on this planet!

Leah Kua - What an incredible collection!! As I scrolled down each one became a new favourite and I wasn’t sure how you would top it and you would do it yet again. You have so much to be proud of!

Fotograf Lublin - All them are perfect:)

Heather - Since the mastery is these images and the great skill and inspired eye you posses is the EASY thing to comment on here, Let me just say in addition that it is fascinating to view what you consider your best and get a feel for the mood and style that you define as truly YOU. Well done, Otto. May next year rock as hard. :)

Michael Wachniak - Amazing, Otto. I had a great time watching these images come online throughout the year. Cannot wait for 2012! :)

Jess Barfield - I mean really. Breathtaking.

hugh - photographic slayfest a la otto schulze.

Heather - All of these are so CREATIVE & FUN!

Anne Marie Carson - If this is your best from only one year of weddings, I cannot even imagine what your best over a lifetime will look like. Seriously amazing images.

adam houseman - Well done brother Otto. I can see you in these images. Thanks for sharing your vision with the world bro.

J Shoda - Wow. What an incredible year Otto. The universe might explode if you kill it any harder next year.

tobiah - SO SO SO SO SO SO SO inspiring! One of my all time fav wedding shots is the bridal party shot with car zooming by.

John Bosley - I don’t think I’ve gasped so much in a long time. Amazing work, Otto! No fair putting it all in one place… you seem even more super-human than ever!

Caroline Ghetes - Otto, you are truly a phenomenal photographer and this collection is simply spectacular. I love you.

Natan - Big Applause !!!!

michele bowman - so lovely. i always adore going through your work. beautiful.

Kevin - Just incredible Otto.

Ali - Awesome set Otto. An inspiration.

Mark Tierney - Superb creative photography.


Annabelle - As always, you kill it. You are such an inspiration, Otto. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! *hug*

michael rowley - hot damn, otto.

Nick - So much magic here. Congrats on an amazing year!

sf - can’t stop, won’t stop.
baller, dude.

coler - damn. you had yourself one hell of a year. congrats!

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