So, a South African, a German, and a Texan walk into a Jewish wedding…Sounds like the start of a bad joke but this was actually the scene for one heck of a wedding celebration in Snowmass, Colorado. And I can confidently say that this was one of the most definitive wedding CELEBRATIONS I have ever seen. Every single person at this wedding (and especially at the reception) was just celebrating the union of Jared&Carrie this past Sunday at The Snowmass Club in Snowmass, Colorado. Congratulations Jared&Carrie, it truly was amazing! And a HUGE THANKS to my good friends Erik Clausen and Hardy Klahold for joining me. Wait until you see what these guys produced! Always such a pleasure and honor to shoot with talent like this…and very humbling!And of course huge praise for Jane Floyd&Associates¬† for designing such a spectacular event and the spectacular Snowmass Club. Much more soon…

Lisa Shelby - Beautifully shot!! Just way too pretty! Love the dark flower image!

Mathew - Mazel tov! Great work, I’m in love with this wedding!

Anja - I would marry my girlfrind if you would be the photographer! :-)

coler - you, my friend, are one of the best in the business. i fucking love your work.

Matthew Mead - You are a machine mate. Just keep delivering every wedding. I envy your skills!

Sachin Khona - Oh my word.. Otto! Wow!

Daniel K Cheung - Otto, you’re in inspiration.

Heather - LOVE your style! It is absolutely fabulous.

Tall - Way to rock that flare! Well done!

Graeme Crawford - Your processing is just phenomenal. Such great skill with the b/w conversions, and with the shooting into the sun. Wild party indeed, very well captured, hats off to you Sir, amazing job.

Amber Hughes - Fantastic wedding Otto – love the way you capture moments and details. I especially like the portrait of the bride and groom kissing with the sun flare… beautiful!

alexis sweet - wow! So creative! That veil shot blew me away. I suddenly feel awful about my own work.

Bec {Wanted Imagery} - woah. awesome post. too many faves, but the first one caught my eye! everything is brilliant. I bet they are one happy couple with their photographs!

James - Blown away by these images! Every shot is a killer!

Alyssa Schroeder - Wow, these are fabulous. Love the one with the veil blowing and the gorgeous sunset portraits.

Heather Parker - I love how your toast shot is blurred. I wouldn’t like it any other way, as it shows the energy put into that moment. Perect.

Natalie Gibbs - Beautiful set – I love the richness of the color in these shots. Love, love, love the photo of the veil blowing in the wind, the clinking wine glasses, and the portrait of them in the field. Also, you need to submit the shot of the bride’s veil getting yanked to MomentJunkie. Great work as usual!

Tyler Branch - are you kidding me dude? wow. i mean, wow.

Heather Elizabeth - those last reception photos are boss. You’re a bad ass.

Erin Lassahn - That first field shot is amazing! I love you black and white processing in the third photograph, and what a sweet moment with the girl and the grandmother looking up and smiling. Looks like it was quite a party!

Jason+Gina - Added more pics I see… dude that flair through the tree/leaves. Epic.

Fred - Great!! Beautiful takes!!

Stef Schulze - The Man with the Red Hat!!! Awesome shot!!

st. augustine photographer - These are just beautiful! Really lovely moments!

jessica - beautiful pictures, wonderful time!

admin - that fabulous flair shot was taken by the one and only erik clausen folks. can’t take credit for that one. insane image!

Jason+Gina - Otto – the flair on that image in the sun is absolute perfect!

Ginny Corbett - beautiful. as always.

Gina Grubb - What a beautiful, joyous day. You captured amazing shots… especially the portrait with the gorgeous flare framing them.

Eric Yerke - Otto, your black and whites dominate sir.

Paul Rowland - That is a red hat. Gorgeous work as usual dude.

Andy Barnhart - great stuff otto!

john benavente - love those dancing frames!

Erin Lassahn - Super fun moments!!! looks like this wedding was a blast!

Kat Braman - gah this is so good. you are a master.

David Robertson - that last shot is absolute gold!

Hardy - Otto you set the bar very high as always. Great photos!

adam houseman - Pretty. REALLY pretty.

Josh - Wonderful frame!

Drew W - Beautiful moment dude!

fer juaristi - this image has tons of power, love it.

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