colorado destination wedding – crooked willow farms

Just a quick reminder that I do still shoot weddings. Miami, Cost Rica and England is what’s on the schedule for the next month so plenty of new wedding work coming soon. In the meanwhile here’s a frame from Matt&Lenka’s Colorado destination wedding last summer. Incredible people.

Fotos by Fola - This is amazing!

Vancouver portrait photographer - Absolutely glorious. The lighting is just incredible.

wedding photographer Bristol - Really nice image, thanks for sharing.

Jared Tseng - Just beyond words…

Nirav - One of my favorite shots of all time! Incredible man!

Wedding Photographer New York - beautiful shot,I like the rim light in the photo.

Joshua Gull - Awesome shot, and an awesome travel schedule coming up too Otto. Very nice brother.

cole - What Mark said – felt like I was reading a riddle there but after processing it, he’s right :)

fer juaristi - beauty on this pic.

Mark Kalkwarf - There are four stages a photographer goes through,

Unconsciously incompetent
Consciously incompetent
Consciously competent
And then where you are…
Unconsciously competent.

As always beautiful work my friend.

Alex - WOW!! Just amazing!

Jeanette - Miami!!!!!!!!!!

Christine - otto. sweet jebus. love that frame.

Brittani Gonzalez - Absolutely stunning! Gosh, I wish I could get this effect. ♥

James Christianson - variation on the silhouette. very beautiful and i can still see the expression on their faces! perfect.

Sally Watts - Holy hair lighting Batman.

gary bradford - you’re the man. for sure.

Shyann - really pretty! Great lighting

Kat Braman - absolutely stunning!

Corporate Portraits - Hi Otto

This is not really my photography sector but I followed a tweet and I must say that this is a stunning wedding portrait and takes it to a new level of creativity. Grant

Joseph Yarrow - This is awesome Otto.
Drop me a line when you’re in England!

Joseph - This is awesome Otto.
Drop me a line when you’re in England.

Shella - Beautiful. Just beautiful.

KYLE - Beautiful capture.

Hugo - Speechless!!
I want to marry too! haha

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